Tips for Cleaning Your Retainer Case

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You’ve had braces for so long and are thrilled to have them off. You’re happy with your new straight teeth and don’t mind wearing a retainer to keep your smile fabulous. You even clean your retainer daily, but do you remember to clean your retainer case?

Why Use a Retainer Case?

Most retainer cases are made of hard plastic and have a clam-shell shape. It helps keep your retainer from getting dirty or damaged. Keeping your retainer in its case while you eat can also prevent your retainer from going into the trash wrapped in a paper napkin.


While the retainer is the item that enters your mouth, it can pick up bacteria or mold from its case, which could make you sick. Especially if the either are damp and the case’s lid is closed, it can be easy for germs to start growing in there.

How Should I Clean?

Luckily retainer cases are easy to keep clean. You should clean it every day before putting your retainer into it. First, wash your hands before cleaning anything. This will avoid adding any new germs that might later be put into your mouth. Wash the case by hand using dish soap.  After scrubbing with warm soapy water, rinse with clean water, dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Once clean, if your case is in a safe place (away from your dog and not being transported), you can leave the lid open to make sure any remaining moisture evaporates, reducing the ability of mold to grow. Help your case stay clean by always cleaning or at least rinsing your retainer before putting it away.

Some retainer cases are dishwasher safe, but check with your orthodontist first. And, for cleaning on the go, try individually wrapped dental appliance cleaning wipes or retainer cleaning wipes, which are handy for cleaning both your retainer and its case.

A clean case helps keep your retainer sanitary. For more information on retainers, contact us at Big Bend Orthodontics.

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