February is Children’s Dental Health Month

 In Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, marking it the perfect time to start promoting proper oral care in your household if you have not already. It’s important to understand that while it is essential to have children visit the dentist and orthodontist routinely, dental health is a combined effort of proper home care practices and scheduled visits. National Children’s Dental Health Month is sponsored by the American Dental Association and Crest + Oral B, with this year’s slogan giving great advice on a couple of essential dental home care practices: “Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and clean between your teeth for a healthy smile.” There are plenty more ways to ensure that your child grows up knowing how to take care of their oral health, here are a couple more:

Watch What Your Children Eat

While brushing and flossing does help in keeping the mouth and teeth clean and preventing the build up of plaque from bacteria, when foods that break down enamel and cause teeth to decay quickly are constantly being eaten, cavities are still likely to happen. Prevention is key to keeping a healthy mouth, so it is important to limit sweet, acidic, and overly sticky food. Some foods and drinks, such as fruit juice, can be harmful to teeth based on sugar content, so it is important to check the nutritional label on these items.

Go to the Orthodontist Early

At a dentist visit, your dentist might recommend your child visit an orthodontist to correct problems with their teeth. Parents should take this advice, because the earlier a child sees an orthodontist, the quicker potential problems can be diagnosed and effectively treated. Early orthodontic treatment should begin around the age of 7, when the first molars start to come in. Orthodontics can be used to fix both the aesthetic appearance of teeth, and to correct issues related to misaligned teeth and jaws that cause difficulty in eating and cleaning the teeth.

Early understanding of proper dental care can result in better overall health as children grow up, so be sure to talk to your children about the importance of dental hygiene. For more information on creating healthy, beautiful smiles for life, contact us.

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