Preparing Your Child for a First Orthodontic Evaluation

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Even as adults, most of us deal with natural trepidation when faced with new things. This reaction is often amplified in children. When encouraging our children to try new things, we often frame this encouragement by asking them to “be brave.” By doing so, we’re not asking them to change their fundamental reactions to new situations but to overcome the barrier erected by fear.

Being brave doesn’t mean that a child never experiences fear. It means that she is learning to cope with a range of emotions, even the uncomfortable ones. She doesn’t let the stresses of the world stop her from taking steps and participating in her life (HuffPost).

If your child is nervous about a first orthodontic evaluation, there are actually a few things you can do to help.

Practical Steps

First, walk your child through the evaluation step by step so that your child knows exactly what to expect. Fear of the unknown could be half the battle.

Second, assure your child that you will be there for the entire evaluation. We both allow and encourage parents to be present during the process. So your child doesn’t need to fear facing the unknown alone.

Third, if possible, allow your child to meet and talk with someone who has already been through the process successfully. There is nothing like getting your questions answered and your fears relieved by someone who knows exactly how you feel.

We Can Help

If you have further questions or concerns about preparing your child for a first orthodontic evaluation and what we can do to make the process easier, please feel free to contact us. Here at Big Bend Orthodontics, we’re well acquainted with the natural apprehension most children face during the evaluation phase, and we are equipped to help.

We look forward to serving you.

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