Caring For Your Teeth After Accusmile®

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Taking off your Accusmile® aligners for good is definitely a big deal, but that doesn’t mean you can fall behind on your oral hygiene! While Accusmile® did some of the work for you, there are still a few things you need to do to keep your smile straight and healthy. Caring for your teeth after Accusmile®:

Wearing A Retainer

Even after using teeth aligners, it’s still possible for your teeth to shift back into the wrong position. Because of this, we strongly recommend that our patients wear a retainer for the first few months to a year after finishing Accusmile® treatments. Users of Accusmile® usually opt for a clear retainer since they’re very similar to the Accusmile® aligners. These retainers are easy to clean, comfortable, and can last for many months with proper care!

Always keep your retainer in a case to keep it from being lost or damaged. Additionally, you should always remove your retainer while eating, brushing your teeth, and playing sports. You can clean your retainer by brushing gently with a little soap and water, or by placing it in a denture cleaning solution.

Attending Check-Ups

Sometimes we get too caught up in our daily routines to notice small differences in our smiles, such as teeth moving slightly. Over time, your teeth could shift dramatically and undo all your hard work with the Accusmile® treatments. However, if you come into the dentist’s office for regular check-ups, trained dental professionals will be able to monitor your smile closely so that they can treat problems as soon as they arise.

Brushing Your Teeth Every Day

If you lose a tooth or develop gum disease, your teeth will likely go out of alignment. Regular brushing (and flossing!) is the best way to keep your gums and teeth strong and healthy.

If you have any questions about caring for your teeth after Accusmile® or other dental needs, contact us today for a consultation.

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