A Bracket Broke on My Braces! Now What?

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Whether the cause is a sticky piece of candy, some food that’s a little too hard to handle, an unexpected injury to your mouth, or just some careless fidgeting, damaged braces are a fact of life for orthodontic patients. A bracket broke on my braces, do you know what to do?

Step One: Don’t Panic

The initial shock of breaking a bracket can be pretty upsetting. However, there’s no reason to fret. Broken brackets are a common problem among braces wearers. You can rest assured that your orthodontist will know exactly how to take care of you.

Step Two: Survey the Damage

Find a mirror and take a look at your braces. Examine the broken bracket. If it’s still attached to the orthodontic wire and affixed to your tooth, leave it alone and don’t try to remove it. If the bracket has come off of the tooth and the wire, simply save it to bring to your next orthodontist visit, which you should schedule soon.

Step Three: Put the Wire Back into Place (If Possible)

If your braces’ wire has become detached, but the bracket is still secure, you may be able to replace the wire yourself. Use a cotton swab to gently maneuver the wire back into its original position. If the wire won’t return to its proper place, try guiding it to a comfortable spot. Avoid forcing the wire to move. Note that, even if you succeed in pushing the wire back into the bracket, this is only a short-term solution. Your orthodontist will still need to check your braces and repair any damage.

Step Four: Apply Orthodontic Wax

Thank goodness for wax! If the broken bracket or wire is poking, rubbing, or otherwise irritating the inside of your mouth, thoroughly cover the offending hardware using orthodontic wax. The wax can also help keep any loosened components in place until you see your orthodontist.

Step Five: Schedule an Appointment

Once you’ve taken care of the bracket that broke to the best of your abilities, contact your orthodontist’s office as soon as possible. When you call, explain what caused the damage and describe the current status of your braces. Take the soonest available opening that fits your schedule. If you’re given any special instructions to take care of your braces in the meantime, be sure to follow them. Try to eat only soft, non-sticky foods until after your appointment. Do not attempt to attach any elastics to the broken bracket.

You broke a bracket on your braces, it can be scary. Luckily, it’s a common issue that you can begin handling yourself before turning it over to the professionals. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in the St. Louis area to help with a broken bracket or other problems relating to braces, feel free to contact the experts at Big Bend Orthodontics. You can trust our team to take good care of your orthodontic needs.

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