5 Benefits of Clear Aligner Therapy for Adults

 In AccuSmile

If your crooked, misaligned teeth have limited your smile and damaged your self-confidence, then clear aligner therapy may offer the hope you’ve been looking for.

Because the technology involved in clear aligner therapy has evolved so much in recent years, adults now have more options for straightening on closing gaps in their teeth beyond just braces. Clear aligner therapy, particularly through the Accusmile® Integrated Hybrid Treatment used by our office, offers a great alternative to braces for adults seeking to improve their smile.

Similarly to braces, clear aligner therapy gradually adjusts teeth over time, requiring you to switch to a new aligner because it loosens as your teeth begin to move into position. These aligners fit directly over your teeth and can prove less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

Our clear aligner therapy program through Accusmile® offers you the opportunity to have all your treatment completed under one roof, right here in our office by experienced orthodontists with expertise in clear aligner therapy.

5 of the greatest benefits of clear aligner therapy for adults include:

1.) Limited visibility.

Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners slip over your teeth and provide a clear alternative to the very noticeable metal structures used in braces. For adults feeling self-conscious about having their teeth corrected later in life, this can prove a more comfortable, less conspicuous option.

2.) Easy cleaning. 

Your clear aligner comes out easily, providing you with easy and convenient access to cleaning it. Your orthodontist will discuss with you proper cleaning and care for your device, but it’s very important that you follow a disciplined cleaning regimen to ensure your device continues to function properly. Failing to keep your aligner clean can also expose your teeth to additional bacteria, leaving them susceptible to decay.

3.) More affordable. 

Clear aligners can offer a more affordable alternative to braces. Furthermore, since we fit and produce the device in our offices, customers reap this cost savings, as well. We even offer a substantial discount for parents of current or former patients.

4.) Easy to replace. 

Life happens, and it’s possible that during the course of your clear aligner treatment you may lose or misplace your device. If this happens, you will want to replace it quickly, so as not to delay or reverse the progress of your treatment. Call our office immediately, so we can begin work on a replacement device.

5.) A more confident you!

The most important benefit of clear aligner therapy is that it leaves you with a beautiful smile that you can’t wait to show off. If your teeth have damaged your self-esteem over the years, clear aligner therapy offers you the opportunity to experience confidence in your smile once again.

If you would like to learn more about how clear aligner therapy can transform your smile, contact us today to discuss your treatment options.

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